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After the unbearable unemployment of the Great Depression, World War II brought a glut of high-paying manufacturing jobs. With so many soldiers leaving the country to serve overseas, there were not enough men to do the work.
      With this glut of work and a dearth of employees, America’s women were suddenly thrust into unfamiliar work. For years women had been limited to sewing clothing, painting faces on watches and other low-paying jobs in light-manufacturing. Convincing America that women could handle heavy work like riveting aircraft cowls, welding personnel carriers and building military equipment became a huge public relations project.
     The most famous effort in this project is the poster to the right of Rosie the Riveter. Women who worked the factories became known as Rosies, and her image remains recognizable even today as a symbol of strength and femininity.
     This web site is dedicated to the women who helped win WWII, and who changed the way women were viewed in America forever. You’ll find links to more web sites, photos of real Rosie the Riveters, a more indepth history of women’s roles in WWII, a guestbook where you can leave your own stories or women working WWII, and a store of t-shirts and gifts with designs including Rosie the Riveter on them.

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