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Makeup Free Me

Makeup Free Me is a cause-related charity movement set-up to shine a light on negative self-image, which 90% of Australian women believe is an issue in today’s society.

The issue is broad and complex. A person’s self-image is influenced by a range of physical and mental factors including body image, mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and major societal issues such as bullying and domestic violence.

In 2014 Makeup Free Me is focusing on negative body image, which can lead to eating disorders. Approximately 9% (2 million) of Australians experience an eating disorder that will require clinical intervention at some point in their lives. We recognise the importance of addressing body image issues in helping women and girls to ultimately develop a positive self-image.

Makeup Free Me is working with the Butterfly Foundation in combating the issues of negative body image and eating disorders. Not only is it important for us to support those currently going through these issues but it’s also essential that we help prevent them. So, our goal is to raise $250,000 for body image education programs and eating disorder support services run by the Butterfly Foundation.

The programs we are funding include:

  1. School workshops to help educate our young ones about self-esteem, positive body image and media literacy.
  2. One-on-one counselling sessions for those suffering from an eating disorder or negative body image
  3. Group Support programs for those suffering from an eating disorder

“Our mission is to empower women & girls to develop and nurture positive self-image.” – Makeup Free Me