Respect - more than just a word.


YEAH believes in empowering young Australians to lead engagement, education and awareness of sexual well being, STI and HIV prevention among their peers. We believe in a holistic approach to sexual health education that focuses equally on the science and the social aspects of young people’s sexual health and wellbeing”

Here’s a look at what some young people told YEAH about their sexual health education:


We help young people safely have conversations about sexually healthy practices and relationships.  We create spaces where young people can feel comfortable to ask questions and tell us what they know.
YEAH helps to correct misleading information about sexual health and myth busting!
YEAH provides open, non discriminatory conversation that ensures young people who identify across the spectrum of gender and sexuality are included and equally respected.

YEAH congratulates Rosie Respect for an outstanding compilation of high quality information for young women, contributing to the effort to empower young people with the knowledge and confidence they need to protect themselves from harm and enjoy respectful and pleasurable sexual lives.

What YEAH does?

Agents of YEAH

YEAH’s signature program providing sexual health peer education, training and support to young people to deliver workshops and promote sexual health through youth events in their local communities.


YEAH operates an online sexual health resources library, video gallery and shop that provides a simple and effective way for young people and those who work with young people to access free and low cost educational tools and materials to help support and improve sexual health knowledge and awareness both inside and outside of the class room.

Red Aware Campaign

Red Aware is an interactive campaign that brings together young people and other supporters of youth sexual health awareness to take real action and prevent the spread of HIV & other STIs. Being Red Aware means:

  •                     Think Red: Think about your sexual health and get informed
  •                     Talk Red: Start a conversation about sexual health
  •                     Act Red: Take positive action to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs

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