Respect - more than just a word.

Meet Team Rosie

Rosie has been shaped by a team of dedicated staff, no rx volunteers and secondary school students. Ally and Georgie (through their role at the Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls) have been so fortunate to grow this idea into what it is today, clinic and are grateful to everyone who continue to make Rosie possible.

Georgie Proud Headshot 2015Georgie Proud
Georgie is one of the co-founders of Rosie. She has a keen interest in social policy  and is passionate about social justice issues and feminism. She lives in Melbourne with a dog called Murphy and a cat called Worms. Georgie loves music, travelling and getting crafty.


Ally Oliver-Perham Headshot2015Ally Oliver-Perham
As one of the co-founders of Rosie, a designer and arts educator, Ally is passionate about youth and creativity. She is constantly making, designing and writing things for Rosie. Ally is addicted to podcasts, wasabi peas and red lipstick. Her dog Scout is widely acknowledged as her spirit animal.


Breeana Dunbar, official Rosie photographer (

Breeana Dunbar, official Rosie photographer (

Breeana Dunbar
Bree is a professional photographer, who specialises in modern portraiture in natural settings, and has been a regular contributor to Rosie from the very beginning! Bree counts herself lucky to be able to spend her days camera in hand, capturing moments of joy and laughter for her clients.



Miriam Nowak
Miriam is a Melbourne gal who loves the beach, camping and cooking up big feasts in her tiny kitchen. She has studied Science and is training to become an audiologist. She is a happy feminist and writes for Rosie.



Sammi Taylor

Photo: Breeana Dunbar

Sammi Taylor
Sammi Taylor is freelance writer and first year journalism student. She is passionate about feminism, youth issues and politics– and will always try to find a way to combine all three. Sammi contributes regularly to Rosie, Birdee MagazineTruth4Youth and various other corners of the internet. You can follow her daily ramblings on twitter: @sammiiitaylor.