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Bright Spark: Questions for Miss Zali

This interview is part one of our new blog series ‘Bright Sparks’, where we talk to girls about the one thing they love to do the most. If you would like to be featured or you know someone who should, get in touch! Email [email protected]


Illustrator + blogger Miss Zali

Illustrator + blogger Zali

Name: Zali
Age: 15
Lives: Gold Coast, Australia
Fav ice-cream flavour: Cookies & Cream
What are you listening to? Sia
What are you reading? Wildwood by
Carson Ellis and Colin Meloy

Zali is a maker. She creates whimsical little worlds with her illustrations, bringing together playful elements like donuts, bandit masks and wearable cupcakes. Zali’s drawings and photographs are all about make-believe and fun, sewing sweet delights into the everyday.

Her blog and her instagram @MissZaliBlog, documents her artistic journey – and it is must-see for any budding art or craft appreciator. We talk with Zali about what inspires her, and we also get some advice on getting more creative. 


When did you start taking photographs and creating illustrations?
I have been drawing since I was 2! I have always always loved spilling out my mind onto a piece of paper. I have only recently gotten into photography though, my parents are photographers and filmmakers so over the years I have just been getting more and more into it.

What inspires your work?
The beach, junk food, animals and rainbows.

Do you find that your creative outlets help you in any way?
I think (especially with my drawing) it really inspires me to create more things. I get inspired to create one thing, then that thing inspires me to create something else, etc etc. It makes me feel excited and inspired all over again! 

drawing6 swimmers-for-Z011
What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out or dreams of being a maker?
I would say to just be completely you. I know everyone says that, but its really true.. The way to be unique and exciting is to let your crazy mind do all the creating by itself, instead of looking through other peoples work for inspiration. 

thebreakfastbunch copy
Tell us your three ingredients for a happy-sun-shiny day.
Ice-cream, friends and POSCA pens!



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