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Flashback Video: Stress Less Meditation Session

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the state of the world atm? Then yoga + meditation is exactly what you need!

Yoga is a form of exercise involving different bodily postures and positions, focusing on improving your mental and physical health. Meditation is a part of yoga that deals with mental relaxation and concentration, mostly involvingĀ breathing exercises.


In our latest video, yoga teacher and physiotherapist Rosie McCaughey shows us a simple guided meditation that does wonders for reducing stress levels. Next week, she’ll be back with her tips for practicing yoga at home! You’re welcome.

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Presented by Rosie McCaughey of Rise Yoga, Richmond
Edited by Ally Oliver-Perham
Intro credits by Room3 Video Production Studio, with thanks to Northcote High School Students.
Filmed by Breeana Dunbar Photography

This video was made possible thanks to the US Consulate Melbourne.

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