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Flashback Video: The Art of Safe Sexting

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Snapchat. iMessage. FB messenger. Insta. Facetime. Skype.

We’re so connected these days that if you want to send someone a nude pic of your privates it’s pretty damn easy (excluding the physical logistics of actually taking a naked selfie).

But beyond the practicalities of snapping a well-lit nude selfie, we’ve got a few other burning questions about the pros and cons of sending sexy texts:

Like, what happens if someone shares your naked selfie with way more people than you originally intended? What’s legal and what’s not?

What do you do if someone’s pressuring you to send a naked selfie? And how do you stop people from sending you unwanted naked pics or videos?

We answer all these questions (and more!) in our latest vid the Art of Safe Sexting, featuring Lucy, one of our favourite members of the local girl gang. Do yourself a sexy favour and check it out.

Presenter Lucie Cutting, photograph by Breeana Dunbar

Presenter Lucie Cutting, photograph by Breeana Dunbar


If you want to know more about sexting or you need some help with a sexting related issue, check out this post. It’s got everything you need.

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Directed, written and edited by Ally Oliver-Perham & Georgie Proud, with thanks to Tatum Street
Intro credits by Room3 Video Production Studio, with thanks to Northcote High School students
Presented by Lucie Cutting
Filmed by Breeana Dunbar
This video was made possible through a grant from the US Consulate General Melbourne. Thank you for all your support!

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