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Get Crafty: Mini Doughnut Pinata DIY

Written by Lia and Eva from Two Balloons Blog.

Are you looking for a project for your next crafternoon? We’ve got the perfect activity for your next rainy day. In this super simple DIY Lia and Eva from Two Balloons Blog show us how to make this adorable doughnut pinata,  we can’t wait to try this one at home!

Dougnut and watermelon pinataWhat you will need:
– plain & coloured card
– a glue stick
– string
– scissors
– a pencil
– colourful crepe paper or streamers
– masking tape

All the things you need for the DIY


Step 1
Trace and cut our two rings of card roughly 30cm in diameter.

 hands holding two rings of paper


Step 2
Cut and tape together two rectangular pieces of card, 10cm by 30cm.

hands cuttng a rectangel of card


Step 3
Wrap the card around your doughnut rings and tape in place like so. Do the same for the whole in the middle.

hands wrapping rectangle of card aorund rings                          finished doughnut shape made out of card


Step 4
Once your base is ready and set, start cutting your crepe paper fringe and sticking it onto the doughnut in layers!

scissors cutting a fringe out of crepe paper                             hands gluing crepe paper fringe to card doughnut

When you’re finished it should look something like this:

Card douhgnut covered in fringed purple crepe paper


Step 5
Cut your icing out of pink card, or whatever colour you like, and stick it on your doughnut.

hands gluing pink icing on doughnut pinata


Step 6
Add sprinkles and enjoy!!

doughnut pinata with colourful paper sprinkles


 twoballonsHello! We are TwoBalloonsBlog! We are two twelve year old girls that started our blog simply because we were very bored and were looking at other blogs and thought, you know, we could do something like that! We like blogging, beach days, summer, fairy lights, journaling, donuts and taking photos 🙂

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