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New Video! Changing the World Through Dance

Rosie presents Real Bright Ideas, interviews with Australian women and girls whose awesome ideas are changing our world for the better. This Week: Kumari Middleton, co-founder of Mayibuye.

Kumari Middleton, co-founder of Mayibuye

Kumari Middleton, co-founder of Mayibuye

Mayibuye (which is Zulu for ‘bringing back what was lost’) is a youth-led organisation striving to give young people a new and better future through performing arts and dance. Their vision is to create generations of empowered young people who believe that a better world is possible.

Watch our video to hear Kumari’s inspiring story and her advice for following your passion:

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Mayibuye has a range of programs around the world, including here in Australia! To find out more click here.

They are also looking for volunteers to help with their youth outreach programs both in Australia and Cambodia. If you are interested in volunteering click here.

Kumari also runs a creative dance studio in Melbourne, raising money for Mayibuye.

Mayibuye volunteer program in Cambodia, Image from

Mayibuye volunteer program in Cambodia, Image from

This video was directed and edited by Ally Oliver-Perham
Thanks to Kumari Middleton for sharing her story.
Intro credits by Room3 Video Production Studio, with thanks to Northcote High School students
Filmed by Breeana Dunbar
This video was made possible through a grant from the US Consulate General Melbourne. Thank you for all your support!

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