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Our First Video ‘Friendship’ Hits the Screens!

We’re SO excited to share this first installment of the Rosie Video Series with you!

Rosie Video Series: Friendship from Rosie on VimeoTo download the entire video transcript please click here.

Rosie Video Series: Video #1. Friendship
On offer today is an inside look at good friendship and most importantly, how to look after yourself when faced with troubled friendship.

Our pals, Elisabeth and Bethany (who are besties IRL) talk about their own social circle, what those friends mean to them, and what to do when a relationship turns sour.

Whether you are a friend, have a friend or need a friend — this is compulsory viewing. 

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As previously said, this is the first instalment of the Rosie Video Series, with many more to come. We’ll be discussing everything from relaxation tips for those busy study periods, to looking after yourself in your personal relationships, plus some conversations with amazing babes who are doing amazing things. Totally worth tuning in for!

Til next time! xx

Video credits:
Directed & edited by Ally Oliver-Perham & Georgie Proud
Intro credits by Room3 Video Production Studio – with thanks to the girls from Northcote High School!
Presented by Bethany Robinson & Elisabeth Morgan
Filmed by Breeana Dunbar

This video was made possible through a grant from the US Consulate General Melbourne. Thank you for all your support!

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