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Sexism on the Red Carpet: #AskHerMore

With awards season in full swing, now seems like the perfect time to discuss the crazy amount of sexism female celebrities have to endure on the red carpet. It’s also a good opportunity to celebrate campaigns like #AskHerMore, which demand more intelligent and respectful questions for women.

Image taken from Amy Poehler's Smart Girl's Facebook page.

Image taken from Amy Poehler’s Smart Girl’s Facebook page.

We’ve all seen those celebrity red-carpet interviews where the interviewer asks the actress questions like who she’s wearing, how long it took her to get dressed for the event or if she’s engaged yet. You know, cringe worthy interviews like these:

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Pretty embarrassing right?! It’s really easy to feel helpless and frustrated when we see clear examples like this of women being treated like objects. But there are ways we can combat it.

How amazing would it be if actresses, female directors, and other prominent creative women were asked questions that didn’t reduce them to walking billboards for clothing brands and weight-loss tips?

Imagine instead, they were asked about their achievements as actors or directors or producers or business women – you know, the main reason that they’re at the event in the first place?

That’s why we when we heard about the #AskHerMore campaign we were so happy, because now we, the viewers and the fangirls can (kinda) ask some real questions.

Ask Her More is the brainchild of The Representation Project, an American group who use film to inspire communities to overcome gender discrimination. Which is awesome. Their aim is to get people to tweet at T.V networks with questions they would prefer the interviewers ask women on the red carpet.

For example, instead of asking about their mani-pedi, ask the woman in question about what their back-up plans were if acting/producing/directing hadn’t worked out? Or what piece of advice would they give their younger self? Thankfully at this year’s Critic’s Choice Awards the campaign took off. Take a look at the clip below – some of these women seem so surprised that they are being asked questions about something other than their dress!

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So what now? Well obviously there is a long way to go for gender equality in Hollywood, as pay is still a huge issue (did you know: Charlize Theron was secretly paid $10 million less than her male co-star Chris Hemsworth? WFT. Since the info was leaked, Theron has begun to negotiate a better deal for herself).

There’s also the issue that there simply isn’t enough intelligent leading roles for women. AND female directors, producers and writers are constantly having to overcome greater barriers, as evidenced by the scary stat that only 16% of all Oscar nominees (since the awards were given out in 1928) have been women.

But as we all know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so every little step forward counts and is worth championing.  Let these campaigns inspire you to say enough is enough, not just at the next awards event, but anytime you see a woman being asked questions that a man would never be asked. Because questions like these and these are so out of date, it’s not funny.

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