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Summer Reads: Blogs we Love!

Written by Miriam Nowak

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Photo: The Vanilla Craft Blog

If you are anything like us, you spend a fair amount of time on the net. Here are just a few of the many great offerings clever women serve up on the world wide web. Maybe they’ll inspire you to start a blogging about something you’re passionate about.


As much as we love rocking out to Taylor and Beyonce sometimes we want something new and different to listen to. These music blogs have done all the hard work finding wonderful and inspiring female musicians, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

The Girls Are.

The Girls Are is all about getting women in music heard.  They write, interview and review women working in the music industry. They set up the site after feeling pretty disillusioned with the industry, and we think they are doing a great job correcting the way women are represented in music.

The Girls Are

Lady Indie

This is a  blog with a big focus on gals who make indie music. Like The Girls Are, ladyindie promotes female musicians from all over the globe. They also have lots of video clips and compilations that are perfect to listen to when you want to chill out.

Fashion & DIY

The Pineneedle Collective

The Pineneedle Collective.

Annika is a 22 year old Australian fashion blogger studying Science in Sydney. Her blog is filled with swoon worthy pattern-making tutorials and videos, tips on where to source ethically made fashion, fun photos, and the occasional science experiment that you can do at home!

Miss Rachel Burke.

If you’re in the market for an easy, fun and slightly off beat project Rachel Burke is your gal. Her collection of craft videos made with friend Patience Hodgson are what confetti dreams are made of!



Vanilla Craft Blog.

Hailing from New Zealand is Harri. She has a fun mix of DIY posts as well as tips about how to get to know your camera and other tech savvy stuff.

Journal from one of Vanilla Craft Blog's DIY posts. Image Via Vanilla Craft Blog

Journal from one of Vanilla Craft Blog’s DIY posts. Image via Vanilla Craft Blog.


The internet is full of amazing food blogs, here are a couple that will get you excited for your next venture into the kitchen.

Moving Out Eating In.

Elizabeth Hewson came up with the idea for a food blog while she was at uni in Sydney. She had had enough of eating takeaway and wanted recipes that were straightforward and quick for a uni student on a budget. She also has some handy how-to’s like the one below. Although the blog is designed for people who have recently moved out, there is no reason why you can’t get into these recipes while you’re still at home. We love good food, no matter where we live!

How-to separate an egg. Image via MovingOutEatingIn.

How-to separate an egg. Image via MovingOutEatingIn.



This Aussie mag’s tagline is ‘a place to be clever, to laugh, to stand up for what you believe in and to feel good about yourself,’ obviously we love it!  It’s filled with news, advice, reviews, love stuff and pretty pictures. Just our cup of tea!

Birdee Mag.Image via BirdeeMag

Birdee Mag.Image via BirdeeMag

Rookie Mag

Rookie is an online mag for teen girls dedicated to writing, music, illustration, photography and heaps more, you can spend ages floating around on their site, trust us!

Artwork from Rookie, Image via RookieMag

Artwork from Rookie, Image via RookieMag

Feminist Frequency

This blog (well more of a video series actually) created by Anita Sarkeesian explores the way women are represented in pop culture, particularly video games. She discusses everything from Damsels in Distress and feminized male characters to Twilight and Straw Feminists. Even if you are not into video games, these chats are super interesting and will definitely get you thinking about how the media portrays women.



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Miriam Nowak
Miriam is a Melbourne gal who loves the beach, camping and cooking up big feasts in her tiny kitchen. She is a happy feminist and writes for Rosie.

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