When it’s Time to Leave the Nest!

forex binary options system opcje binarne zarabiam Written by Kamin Gock

Was anyone else as keen to leave home as I was? Was there this urge to finally be free when you turned the ripe age of 18 and go off and explore the world? That was me at least, although my family had been wonderful to me, I was ready for my own thing. My own adventure and ready to go and be me. Best of all, I actually did it too! However, the grass was not so greener on the other side as many of us have imagined since childhood.

köpa generisk Viagra online So what are you actually supposed to do when you leave home? All of a sudden you are in a foreign environment; a town with new people, looking for a job, buying, cooking, cleaning, money, money, money! Next thing you know, you are paying fortnightly rent, bills you didn’t know even existed, trying to vote and then fill out a census and your mind explodes.

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opzioni binarie prelievo In your time away from home, you suddenly realise how difficult being a grown-up is. Not to mention, how tiring, exhausting and sometimes just plain boring it is too. You realise how dependent you were on your family and parents. With everything happening at once – university assignments piling up, bills, rent, work – life can become really overwhelming. Not to mention moving away to meet new friends and enter an entirely new social environment. After the exhausting day, you finally go home to your room and lie down. Only to realise you have to cook dinner, wash your clothes, do your assignment and then maybe, just maybe, get some sleep.

http://shepline.com/?soba=iq-option-lista-rendimenti-in-percentuali&640=6e iq option lista rendimenti in percentuali So how are we supposed to cope with the stresses of being alone and an adult? Something that I found most important was it is okay to not have it all together when you start off. It is okay to start off and think ‘what have I done?’, ‘where am I?’ and ‘how is this going to pan out?’. The most important thing to do, is to take on this huge challenge, especially if you have wanted it for years, with open arms. Take on all the challenges you face in your stride and if you fail, then give yourself time to recuperate and pick yourself up. It took me 4 months to find a job when I moved away. I applied to many stores and kept getting rejected and ended up feeling dejected. But when I finally got a job, it all paid off and now I am able to live away sufficiently (for the time being at least!).

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Just remember – it is okay to talk. Talk to your family or friends and tell them if you’re struggling at times. It is so vital to not bottle up all of these issues. One small thing bottled up, leads to another and it is only a matter of time until the bottle gets full and implodes. Talk to your family, let them know how everything is going. If you need it too, it is okay to go see a professional and ask for advice on taking this big step forward in life.

Life is tough and it moves too quickly to let worries and stresses hold you up. If you feel down, or ever find that your day is getting a little too much, take a break and talk to someone.

The last little piece of advice I would give is to keep a routine. Make sure that you get up in the mornings. If you’re finding it is all too much and want to stay in bed until 3pm, try your best to make a positive start on the day. Find something that will motivate you to get up in the morning, eat well and focus on your day. There are a lot of things going on in the life of a newly adult, people come and go, days may get boring, but life is full of surprises and rewards and when you put the effort in each day, it will pay off. So next time you think, “why did I move away from home”, pat yourself on the back. Congratulations, you have taken one of the biggest steps in your life and the more you push through, the easier it will get! Best of luck to building your very own nest!

Image from www.unsplash.com. Photographer: Siddharth Kotha

Image from www.unsplash.com. Photographer: Siddharth Kotha

kaminKamin Gock

Kamin is an aspiring journalist who has moved away from home and is slowly learning how to live in the real world! He loves sports, music and dancing.

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